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We will take you to play baccarat. If you don’t understand the rules and How to play baccarat Correct, it may cause errors when playing. Or may waste time playing Because he had to come to understand later that Why to play Baccarat online, then lose. How to play baccarat. There is an easy way to play. Can understand easily

Because Baccarat is a game that has the same playing methods as playing bounce cards. Is a bet on the cards of two players, which side gets more points than the winner, in order to bet the cards of the two sides of the player, the banker or the banker and the player or player, which will deal 2 cards to each side (but Not more than 3 cards). Baccarat cards 1 and 3 cards will be dealt to the Player side. Baccarat cards 2 and 4 will be dealt to the Banker side (if any side needs a 3rd card, must follow the rules. Card Draw 3rd Card)

If you want to get the best experience

The dealer’s cards will always be dealt face-up. Which side has the most points to win? The bettor must choose which side of the card will win. Players have to choose which type of bets to bet. In each round, the game will have 25 seconds to place bets. When the time expires, no additional bets can be placed. Players can choose to place thousands of bets from 50 baht.

Up to 50,000 baht in playing baccarat There will be a statistics table for players to watch. To make a decision Which in the statistics table will record all game releases There will be 3 types to choose from: BT, HK and HK2. When the dealer opens the card Will show the results of the cards on the game screen And will have the result winning and losing immediately

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